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About Us

PINNIP is a global brand of custom footwear. We are committed to assembling the best resources in footwear industry. We cater to the demanding consumer needs from outdoor sports to casual and specialized recreational activities. Our goal is to ensure our customers with the most comfortable footwear while providing ultimate support and durability.


Since the early 1990’s, the core funder of PINNIP group had been consulting for the world’s top sport footwear brands by providing technical support in research and product development.


In the early 2000’s, PINNIP created a modern footwear manufacturing company in China, now with over 6000 employees; our company works with some of the world’s most prestigious footwear brands in the sports, outdoor, casual and industrial categories. We provide broad services including product development, molding tools, sole manufacturing, and mass production.


The experts at PINNIP have a wide range of skills from product design and development, production, business management and marketing. Through two decades of expansion, PINNIP is now a global company – launching first in North America, followed by Asian and European countries. We continually maintain our philosophy of passion, creativity and specialized knowledge in footwear.


The PINNIP team members have industry-leading experience in product development, technical support and production for the world’s top footwear brands. We work very closely with talented designers and engineers from both North America and Asia. Together, we are part of the most advanced shoe-making process with respect to our technology and facilities. These resources have provided PINNIP the opportunity to create excellent products and provide outstanding customer support.

Also, PINNIP is always keeping an “Eco-Friendly” mindset throughout our production, development and logistics. Meanwhile, we keep learning from Nature and get inspiration from the creator to improve our products.


Relying on LOT (Internet of Things) platform, PINNIP looks forward to provide the great products directly to the end consumers from our own manufacturing plant, so that the customers get the highest value of the quality products with very fair and competitive pricing.


With the introduction of digital manufacturing, PINNIP is planning to build big data systems and digitized production units to create personalized products that that meet the demand of our customers.


Originally we got the idea of the brand name from a kind of attractive Northern marine, seal-like mammal called pinnip, it is living in northern oceans of Caelereth, and north as far as the Ice Sea. Pinnips live in big colonies of family group, they are very sociable and do not like being alone. The northern people and tribes tell many folk tales of the Pinnip, which give it reputation for cleverness and agility.


As a brand name, PINNIP is an acronym for the phrase "People In Need, Need In People".  It characterizes our philosophy of meeting the high standards of our client, as they are the most important part of the PINNIP brand.